A Better Way To Be Remembered

Mausoleum Burial Cemetery Near London

Welcome to Brightwater Memorial Park.

Combining a state-of-the-art burial facility, an exemplary level of service and a serene, natural setting, Brightwater Memorial Park sets the bar for a pioneering way to create your legacy in London.

A celebration

of a life well lived

Brightwater Memorial Park is a modern, uplifting alternative to regular cemeteries and crematoria. Inspired by centuries-old traditions, realised in an elegant, contemporary style, this is a place where departed loved ones can be celebrated as well as commemorated.

Brightwater Memorial Park consists of two mausoleum buildings containing 690 chambers with gardens of remembrance to the rear, set in four acres of landscaped grounds surrounded by a further ten acres of mature woodland.

Visitors paying their respects to those interred at Brightwater are treated as honoured guests, whether they come for an hour of peaceful reflection in the mausoleum or a gathering of friends and family in the gardens.


What is a Mausoleum?

The original Mausoleum was a monumental marble shrine built to honour Mausolus, ruler of Caria from 377 to 353 BC. Located at Halicarnassus in Asia Minor (now Bodrum in Turkey), it was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. By the mid-16th century the word ‘mausoleum’ had come to mean ‘a stately burial-place’ in English.

Several hundred mausolea stand in British churchyards, cemeteries and the grounds of stately homes – and many of these are exceptionally elegant structures. For more on this subject, please see our brief guide to Great British mausolea. We also have a page on the world’s most famous mausoleum – the Taj Mahal.

Traditionally, mausolea were reserved for royalty and families of noble birth. In Britain that’s how they’ve remained – until now. However, in other parts of the world, especially southern Europe and the United States, mausolea have long been favoured places of interment for men and women from all walks of life.

Most mausolea are sombre and even gloomy places. In contrast, Brightwater Memorial Park is a light, “Bright” and uplifting place for visitors to enjoy their quiet time of remembrance and reflection.

Handsome buildings in

A beautiful setting

Superbly located in South East London, only twenty minutes from Central London by train and ten minutes from junction 4 of the M25 by car, this idyllic woodland estate sets the benchmark for a new approach to remembrance.

The design is all about creating a beautiful, peaceful final resting place. From the fountains in the landscaped gardens to the Italian marble theme throughout the mausoleum, this is for those who believe in celebrating life.


Appointment only service

Discreet and private

This facility is appointment only, giving visitors the privacy and peace of mind they deserve to remember their loved ones.

With every visit

You are our priority

Our team on site will curate every visit to suit the needs of the family and friends. From the choice of refreshment on arrival to the music playing and the pictures scrolling, we understand that each group may have different requirements for their visit.



Fewer than 10 minutes by car from junction 4 on the M25 motorway.

2 miles from Orpington station. 20 minutes from Central London by train.

30 minutes by car from Gatwick Airport. 10 minutes from Biggin Hill Airport.

Our 5 star service for visitors includes chauffeur collection from the station.