The modern alternative

to cemeteries

As the first privately built, indoor, community mausoleum in the UK, we provide a unique service to our customers and to those who visit this facility.

Creating a legacy

that lasts generations

Your family and friends will always be welcome at Brightwater Memorial Park. If they wish to create a legacy alongside you, they can reserve their space and be part of this unique facility.

Family rooms

Something truly special

For those who want nothing but the best, we will have a very limited number of family rooms in the Hillside Building. These will be exclusively dedicated to individual families and are completely bespoke. From the number of crypts required to the interior design and furnishings, anything is possible.

The funeral and

The interment

We will facilitate all transportation from your funeral service to your final resting place at Brightwater Memorial Park.

Our staff will be in attendance at the chosen venue for the main funeral ceremony to collect and return the coffin to our facility in our own private ambulance. At a later time, or possibly the same day if desired, a private interment ceremony will be carried out, attended only by the immediate next of kin. At this ceremony, the coffin will be placed into the crypt, which will be sealed with a marble headstone.

rosebush for funeral directors

After the interment ceremony the next of kin may, if they wish, plant a rosebush or similar flowering shrub in the gardens of remembrance, together with a memorial marker, as a lasting, living memorial to their loved ones.

Alternatively, they may plant a sapling on the edge of the woodland if they prefer.




Our team are on hand to assist with arranging any appointment to visit, and can answer any questions you may have with regard to transport, refreshments and other bespoke requests.


Both food and drink are available to order prior to any visit. Please speak to our team for more information.


Flowers in any colour scheme can be pre-booked with our team prior to your arrival, with 48 hours’ notice.



There is a reception area where visitors will be greeted on arrival with refreshments chosen by our customer – be that a cup of tea or perhaps a glass of champagne, depending on how the deceased would have liked to be remembered.

There are flat screen TVs in the reception and crypt areas, and outside in the gardens of remembrance, together with multi-room audio in all areas.

Customers buying a crypt are able to upload onto our database their photos, videos and music library so that visitors will be greeted with music and video that the customer had chosen, all to make their visit more personal and memorable.

Brightwater Memorial Park is the first and only private facility in the United Kingdom that offers an above ground, indoor burial option. Fully trained staff are on hand to ensure our customers and their visitors receive a truly unique service and experience that is presently only available at Brightwater Memorial Park.

Return visits

by appointment

Return visits to Brightwater Memorial Park are on an appointment-only basis. This ensures that those attending to pay their respects will have the privacy to appreciate their quiet time of reflection. Special arrangements can be made for those who require the entire facility.

The appointment service also meets the needs of visitors arriving by public transport. Our chauffeur driven courtesy vehicle will be waiting at the train or bus station to convey them to the facility.

Special occasions, birthdays and anniversaries can be celebrated in our gardens of remembrance, which include outdoor catering facilities. The gardens also have external video screens and speakers to ensure the departed loved one can still be present and included in the remembrance celebration. You are invited to walk in the ten acres of private woodlands that form part of this unique facility, and to enjoy the tranquil setting of the memorial park’s surroundings.

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