The Modern Burial Alternative

to cemeteries

As the first indoor above-ground burial facility of its type in the UK, we provide a unique service to our families and to those who visit this facility.


Creating a legacy

that lasts generations

Your family and friends will always be welcome at Brightwater Memorial Park. If they wish to create a legacy alongside you, they can reserve their space and be part of this unique facility.

Family rooms

Something truly special

For those who want nothing but the best, we will have a very limited number of family rooms. These will be exclusively dedicated to individual families and are completely bespoke. From the number of chambers required to the interior design and furnishings, anything is possible.


Welcome To

Brightwater Memorial Park

The funeral and

The interment

The main funeral ceremony can either be held in a venue of your choice, or alternatively, we are able to accommodate the full ceremony at Brightwater for a seated congregation of up to 50 people.  If the funeral is held elsewhere, the coffin will be transported to Brightwater for an intimate private interment to be carried out.   At this ceremony, the coffin will be placed into the chamber which will be sealed with a decorative headstone, complete with personalised remembrance plaque.

rosebush for funeral directors

After the interment ceremony, the next of kin will be offered a selection of light refreshments to suit the occasion.




Our team are on hand to assist with arranging any appointment to visit, and can answer any questions you may have with regard to transport, refreshments and other bespoke requests.


Visitors are offered a choice of light refreshments on arrival.

Catering for 20+ people is available to order upon request.  Please speak to our team for more information.


Flowers in any colour scheme can be pre-booked with our team prior to your arrival, with 48 hours’ notice.



There is a reception area where .visitors will be treated with a selection of light refreshments to suit the occasion.

There are flat screen TVs in the reception and lounge areas, together with multi-room audio in all areas.

Families buying a chamber are able to upload onto our database their photos, videos and music library so that visitors will be greeted with music and video that the family had chosen, all to make their visit more personal and memorable.

Brightwater Memorial Park is the first and only private facility of its type in the UK that offers an above ground, indoor burial option. Fully trained staff are on hand to ensure our families and their visitors receive a truly unique service and experience that is presently only available at Brightwater Memorial Park.

Return visits

by appointment

Special occasions, birthdays and anniversaries can be celebrated in our gardens of remembrance, and outdoor catering facilities can be arranged upon request.  You are invited to walk in the ten acres of private woodlands that form part of this unique facility, and to enjoy the tranquil setting of the memorial park’s surroundings.

Would you like to know more?
Just like our loved one who is resting peacefully at Brightwater memorial park, this place is honestly one of a kind. You really couldn’t ask for a place more perfect as a final resting place when dealing with this kind of heartbreak. The genuine love care and support the Brightwater team provide is nothing short of exceptional and there’s no other place that provides this personal time and comfort really needed to spend time with your loved one in the UK. The warmth, coziness and personal touches with the slide shows and your loved ones favourite songs create a true essence of your loved one to the atmosphere here. You have privacy and comfort regardless of the weather outside so this always allows you such a pleasant experience. I’m so grateful to Jackie part of the Brightwater team!What a beautiful soul to have take care of your loved ones. Thank you for your support during my visits. It’s safe to say Brightwater have achieved exactly what they set out to do for us all but building such an incredible place. Forever grateful, may all the souls at home at Brightwater continue to rest peacefully in your loving care🤍🕊️
Courtney Gillespie
Courtney Gillespie
Such a beautiful place for your loved ones to rest. Brightwater have been entrusted with caring and assisting on the most impossible see you soon for my daughter and I couldn’t have entrusted anyone better. Both Jackie and Bill are amazing and show such compassion and care into everything they do for my daughter and also extend that on to us as a family. They helped us make my daughters send off beautiful just as she is and continue to show love and care for my daughter. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful environments and certainly does take pride in everything they do. We could not make a decision on cremation and burial and didn’t want to do either and with Brightwater as an option it set our minds at ease knowing she’s well looked after and in the most beautiful environment protected from natures elements and loved upon greatly by those who work there🤍
Dinta Madlani
Dinta Madlani
I know that everyone has written such lovely words about this place and I've got to say, it's all true. I attended the place for different reason and I really didn't know what to expect but as an Indian person and only knowing that cremation is the option for us Hindus, it opened a new world to me. Jackie and her family are so passionate and so giving that they go beyond their requirements so hats off to them and so I hope this country recognises what a great option this place can be especially for somebody to isn't ready to let their dearest go. Bless you Brightwater for being there!
Raymond Jones
Raymond Jones
Brightwater Memorial Park is the resting place of my best friend. I am so happy that his family chose such a dignified place to rest this special gentleman. The privacy, attention to detail and added personal touches are exceptionally helpful in remembering our loved one, and also aiding in coping with the traumatic grieving process that we are going through. I am so grateful that my friend has been laid to rest here. He deserved the best, and has truly been given the best by Brightwater Memorial Park.
Sharon chase
Sharon chase
They are very welcoming and it's extremely tidy inside and outside. The owners are very friendly and welcoming they offer you drinks and snacks which is nice. beautiful scenery .I definitely would recommend bridgewater.for a beautiful place of rest .to any family's exactly what u see on there Website. Beautiful and so peaceful xx
Julian Samuels
Julian Samuels
A place of serenity, tranquility and peace. I would certainly recommend this resting place of peace. The hospitality of service excellence is outstanding, served with complimentary coffee, tea, refreshments. Relaxation whilst looking into the skyline with thoughts of rememberance. Definitely a place to be remembered. 🙏🏾
I visited Brightwater Memorial Park on a sunny day to be a part of a close friend's internment. I didn't know what to expect but what I experienced was outstanding in every sense... the grounds are exceptionally calm and inviting, the owners were the perfect hosts and their attention to detail and ability to personalise the whole experience was second-to-none. Bill and Jackie are the perfect hosts and have obviously have given a lot of thought into the memorial park and have made it the best place to leave your loved ones in the knowledge that they will be taken care of, respected and are resting in perfect surroundings. I have to admit I had a lot of questions surrounding interments, mausoleums and the whole 'housing' process and left feeling educated and enthused about service being provided. Who knew you could be buried above ground in the UK? I believe this is the first such service and can only say I would give it 100% five stars. Anyone unsure of where to leave their loved ones in a place where visiting is personalised where videos and favourite play lists can be playing on arrival, and can book your own private visiting timeslots... the services on offer are truly unique and it is without a doubt, somewhere that everyone should take a look at and explore as a beautiful option for a final resting place. I can only hope that Bill and Jackie expand on this and are able to offer this service to others around the country as right now, Brightwater Orpington is a very beautiful and exclusive place to be laid to rest.
morgan brissett
morgan brissett
Just wanted to leave a lovely comment to Jackie, Bill and Ian for creating such a beautiful place where me and my family can peacefully place my dad at his final resting place, you guys have been truly amazing at making me and my family feel welcomed and at home. I couldn’t of asked for anything else more special then BrightWater x Brisset Family
I visited Brightwater yesterday and was amazed and truly impressed by the standard of care, quality of the buildings and grounds, and the professionalism of everyone involved with Brightwater. As a Funeral Director I have seen many Crematoria and burial grounds, however, Brightwater truly needs to be seen to be believed, this is the next level in client care and understanding. Dean Wilson MBE
It is hard to find the right words to accurately summarise just how incredible Brightwater is.. it is really something you have to see to understand. For starters, the grounds and facilities themselves are just stunning. The mausoleum is in such a beautiful location, the interior is so bright and it is so well-looked after. There is of course the Crypt Lounge which allows you to stay close to your loved one, but you can also spend time in the garden there. You have the option to close the doors to the Crypt Lounge too, if you want some privacy, or open things up if there are a few of you there (for example). The staff are truly amazing. They are so polite, caring, kind and thoughtful, and this really makes the biggest difference. The attention to detail absolutely blew me away as well.. they have honestly thought of everything. From the moment you walk in, you are surrounded by photos of your loved one and the staff play a playlist of all of the music they loved for you to listen to (this is totally optional of course). You get the feeling that your loved one is there with you and it is such a comfort to know that they are being looked after so well. I had never really heard of a mausoleum before I was told about Brightwater, so I did not really know what to expect when I visited for the first time.. however, from the moment I walked in, I could see that it was a very special place. Brightwater enables memory-making to continue despite the distance that has now surfaced between you and your loved one. I cannot thank the staff enough for their hospitality and for always being so welcoming and so lovely to talk to. It is the biggest comfort to know that our loved one is safe, in their care and in such a beautiful and magical place that is just perfect for them 🌙 💚 💫