The complete picture

Brightwater Memorial Park is a state-of-the-art, above-ground burial facility providing an exemplary level of service unmatched by any alternative. From your initial contact with us, to the funeral and subsequent visits, you are our priority.


Below we have listed a selection of quotes from our families, which have been lifted from actual reviews left on Google

Kate Edwards – President of The National Association of Funeral Directors

No words can do it justice… I’d encourage everyone, public and funeral professionals to visit and see for yourself. Beautiful, tranquil, personal and with an eye on providing the very best in client service.


I visited Brightwater yesterday and was amazed and truly impressed by the standard of care, quality of the buildings and grounds, and the professionalism of everyone involved with Brightwater.

As a Funeral Director I have seen many Crematoria and burial grounds, however, Brightwater truly needs to be seen to be believed, this is the next level in client care and understanding.


Reaching out to thank all of the staff at Brightwater Memorial Park for bringing this incredibly niche concept to the UK and allowing my brother to be laid to rest exactly how he wanted. This facility is worth every penny and is only in it’s infancy. Everyone is extremely professional, attentive and polite on the big day as you would expect. The grounds and facilities are set away from noise pollution and distractions to allow you to pay your respects in a somewhat deeper form. This is a very new concept to me but something I’ll be looking at in the future for myself. I strongly recommend getting in contact to explore the options, if not for yourself, for your loved ones. You’ll be giving them a private place to continue to share memories with you when your time comes. Refreshments are provided if you want, I also believe they offer local pickup from a station, don’t quote me on that though. It’s the little things they’ve done to make a difference.


A beautiful, tranquil and elegant Memorial park. From the moment I saw this amazing place, I knew that this was the ultimate in a final resting place. The staff are so kind and caring, with all their attention focused on you and your loved ones. I came away confident in the knowledge that, with Brightwater’s attention to detail, myself and my family would be so cared for, when the time comes. Congratulations Brightwater for providing such a wonderful, serene environment.


It is hard to find the right words to accurately summarise just how incredible Brightwater is…it is really something you have to see to understand.

For starters, the grounds and facilities themselves are just stunning. The mausoleum is in such a beautiful location, the interior is so bright and it is so well-looked after. There is of course the Crypt Lounge which allows you to stay close to your loved one, but you can also spend time in the garden there. You have the option to close the doors to the Crypt Lounge too, if you want some privacy, or open things up if there are a few of you there (for example).

The staff are truly amazing. They are so polite, caring, kind and thoughtful, and this really makes the biggest difference. The attention to detail absolutely blew me away as well.. they have honestly thought of everything. From the moment you walk in, you are surrounded by photos of your loved one and the staff play a playlist of all of the music they loved for you to listen to (this is totally optional of course). You get the feeling that your loved one is there with you and it is such a comfort to know that they are being looked after so well.

I had never really heard of a mausoleum before I was told about Brightwater, so I did not really know what to expect when I visited for the first time…however, from the moment I walked in, I could see that it was a very special place. Brightwater enables memory-making to continue despite the distance that has now surfaced between you and your loved one.

I cannot thank the staff enough for their hospitality and for always being so welcoming and so lovely to talk to. It is the biggest comfort to know that our loved one is safe, in their care and in such a beautiful and magical place that is just perfect for them. crescent_moon green_heart dizzy


My father was laid to rest here earlier this year. It’s not your average burial ground. It’s very calm here. The staff are amazing, friendly, attentive and ensure that your visit is as comfortable as possible. There is something different knowing that your loved one is buried above ground as opposed to underground.

Verol Elliot

My name is Verol; there aren’t enough prayers about Brightwater Memorial Park. My brother is laid to rest there, and this is my first time on my own. The service is second to none. I was picked up in a shiny Mercedes free of charge from the station by Ian; the service I received was out of this world. It made me feel my brother was standing by my side…I am 100% sure that’s where I want to be when my time comes. Hats off to you guys.

Michelle Harvey – Celebrant

A stunning yet serene place for loved ones, the Brightwater Memorial Park is the whole package, friendly staff too, you feel like the whole place is yours for the time you’re there.

Tim Bolton

I visited Brightwater shortly after it opened as I had become aware of the facility and was curious about the concept of a modern-day mausoleum. I met with the owners and was able to get a really good understanding of the thought process that they had been through when they decided to build what is such a stunning facility.


I didn’t know what to expect when I entered the building, however, I was really impressed by the design, layout and finish of the facility and it is clear that the infrastructure, framework and support to allow for both the initial interment and subsequent visits was very well considered. Having chatted at length with the owners and members of their team I came away with the view that Brightwater would provide a very peaceful place to leave your loved ones.


My only real surprise is why this form of interment is currently not more established in this country as it is a very real alternative to the more traditional methods of burial or cremation.