Alternative To Cemeteries

Brightwater Memorial Park

At some stage, we are all faced with the difficult decision of how to bury a loved one. Although traditional funerals have been used for thousands of years, cremation still accounts for the majority of all burials carrried out in the UK at this time. Both of these methods are widely used in modern society, but what if your preference is for an alternative to these conventional options?

Thanks to our bespoke alternative funeral & cremation services, we provide a memorable environment that is designed to offer something unique that your family will cherish for a lifetime.


a crypt

End-of-life planning is always wise, both from a financial point of view and as a thoughtful gesture to those you love. This is truer than ever with the forthcoming opening of Brightwater Memorial Park. With only 690 crypts to be made available in the two mausoleum buildings you may wish to make a purchase in the near future.

About Brightwater Memorial Park

Our Memorial park consists of two mausoleum buildings with a total of 690 above ground burial chambers, set in 4 acres of landscaped gardens, surrounded by another 10 acres of beautiful natural woodland.

Unlike conventional cemeteries, visitors paying their respects to their loved ones are regarded as VIPs and are treated as such. Whether it is for an hour of quiet reflection or gathering with family and friends in the gardens, we welcome you and offer a memorable visitors experience.

Our services are unlike any other …

There is a reception area where visitors will be greeted with a selection of refreshments.

Proprietary software allows our visitors to securely upload their chosen photos, video and music library to our database. These memories can then be viewed on any of the TV screens located in the reception area, lounge and outdoor memorial gardens … all to make the visitors experience more personalised and memorable.

What’s more, Brightwater Memorial Park is the first and only private facility of its type in the UK that offers both above-ground and indoor burial options. Our well-trained staff are on standby at all times to ensure that our customers and their visitors receive the truly unique services and experiences currently only available in Brightwater Memorial Park.