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Brightwater Memorial Park

The Cinerarium at the Brightwater Memorial Park is a restful, contemplative space that is beautifully appointed and meticulously maintained. If you want to provide a better way for your loved ones to be remembered consider the Cinerarium in London at Brightwater Memorial Park. Although ours is the first indoor above-ground burial facility of its type in the UK the idea of the Cinerarium actually dates back thousands of years.


History of the Cinerarium

The ancient Romans were among the first to put the concept of the Cinerarium to widespread use. Many of theirs were located partially or completely underground, presumably to dissuade vandals and to provide them protection from environmental hazards including extreme weather. Some Roman Cineraria were richly decorated with frescos and elaborate mosaics that survive to this day.


But while affluent Romans of the Augustan era adopted the Cinerarium wholeheartedly they were not the first or the only ancient peoples to see the value in this type of memorial. Examples abound in Hellenistic Greece, as well as in Japan, China and other locations throughout the Far East. Examples of Cineraria in more contemporary society include the one at Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris and the massive 19th century San Francisco Cinerarium.

Brightwater Cinerarium London

Today the Cinerarium (sometimes referred to as a Columbarium) may be a series of free-standing, outdoor units with multiple niches, or exist as part of a mausoleum. Visitors to Brightwater are protected from the weather in order to provide a contemplative atmosphere year-round.


The Brightwater Memorial Park Cinerarium is a comfortable, welcoming place where the spirits of the departed and their loved ones can mingle in peace. For those who want something more personal, we will also be offering a limited number of Family Rooms, each one exclusively dedicated to an individual family and appointed to their specifications and tastes.



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The passing of a loved one is one of life’s most difficult experiences. Brightwater provide a better way to remember them with our Cinerarium in London. Call today to learn more.

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