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These days, many people are choosing to have their own mini mausoleums in the form of their very own private columbarium. Columbaria are essentially a safe facility for cremated remains and are becoming increasingly popular in London as a final resting place for family and close friends.


Columbaria are also an excellent way of holding a loved one’s remains as opposed to leaving them in a funeral parlour or cemetery. With a private columbarium, you get a free-standing unit that you can visit to remember your loved one.


At Brightwater Memorial Park, we strive to offer the best columbarium UK experience for our clients. Unlike other burial grounds, you will find a welcoming atmosphere that’s designed to provide privacy and security when you visit your loved one.


What’s more, the columbarium you purchase is adorned with a cover plaque that includes a photograph of your choosing. This ensures that your loved one is honoured with a personalised dedication to remembering their legacy.

Advantages of a Private Columbarium

The advantages of a private columbarium are numerous. For one, it provides you with a place to hold the remains of your loved ones. And at Brightwater Memorial Park, you have a peaceful and tranquil space that is just for your family or friends.


In addition, you will find that our columbaria offer the luxury of privacy and exclusivity. Our park is designed to allow you to plan family gatherings at the columbarium without any interruption, which is something you won’t get with a traditional cemetery or funeral parlour.


Furthermore, columbaria are often much more cost-effective than traditional burials. And with the convenience that a columbarium offers, many families are now opting for columbaria over conventional funerals.


So if you’re looking for the ultimate luxury for your loved ones who have passed on, it’s worth exploring the private and respectful columbaria in London.


Why Choose

Brightwater Memorial Park

At Brightwater Memorial Park, we do all that we can to ensure the satisfaction of you and your loved ones. Our park is open to your family and friends at all times. We invite you to reserve a spot to leave a lasting legacy and take part in this special setting. We offer a limited number of our family rooms in our second building for those who want only the best.


What’s more, all transportation arrangements will be made from your funeral to Brightwater Memorial Park. And to ensure your complete satisfaction, our staff will assist you with the ceremony.

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