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The unique nature of Brightwater Memorial Park has prompted potential customers to ask us many questions and the most common of these are shown below. Please click any question to see the answer. If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

No, you will own the ‘exclusive right of burial’ (similar to a lease) in Brightwater Memorial Park. Under UK burial law it is not permitted to purchase the freehold interest of a grave space. The land and the building remains the property – and the responsibility – of Brightwater Memorial Park.

The purchase of a burial space does not qualify for Value Added Tax. As such the prices quoted are fully inclusive and no extra charge for VAT is applicable.

You will receive a ‘Crypt Licence Agreement’, which entitles the named beneficiary in the agreement to the right of being interred in the facility. You will also receive a Deed of Entombment confirming that right and identifying the designated crypt at the mausoleum, together with a copy of our standard terms and conditions for the facility.

Under UK burial law, the ‘exclusive right of burial’ or ‘Right of Interment’ can be purchased for a maximum term of 100 years. At Brightwater Memorial Park we offer a variety of lengths for the interment rights from 20 to 99 years to meet the personal requirements of our customers.

No, by buying now you reserve your chosen crypt and secure your right of interment in the mausoleum.  But your exclusive right of burial will not commence until the day of entombment or 25 years, whichever is the sooner.

There are several options available and these are listed in the Crypt Licence Agreement. The first will be to offer our customer the option to renew or extend the existing ‘right of interment’ for the beneficiary. Should our customer no longer wish to continue with the beneficiary’s entombment in the mausoleum, other options include transfer into an ossuary or cremation of the coffin.

Yes, you just need to complete a sales request form and we will deal with the sale on your behalf. Your crypt will be sold at the sale price at that time and you will receive the full sale price obtained, less our costs for the reassignment of the lease.

Yes, we will consider any request to reassign your crypt subject to the conditions in the Crypt License Agreement. Please speak to a member of our staff for full details.

Our facility is appointment only to ensure the privacy of our clients and their families. Our team are able to assist with any booking enquiry you have and can arrange transport if necessary.

We ask that only immediate friends, family and partners attend the interment as we are able to accommodate up to 50 people seated in our lounge. Please discuss your requirements for numbers to attend the ceremony and specific catering arrangements with our staff who will make every effort to accommodate your request.

A percentage of the purchase price for each interment right sold is placed into a care and maintenance trust fund. This fund is controlled and administered by an independent, third party fund manager. The interest and dividends generated by these investments are paid out to Brightwater Memorial Park to provide for the ongoing maintenance of the mausoleum and grounds.

No. Purchasing a crypt is considered future planning and forms part of your funeral costs, therefore this will not be included in your Estate.

We work with a number of local and regional funeral directors, all of whom are familiar with Brightwater Memorial Park and will liaise with our team to ensure your final journey goes smoothly.

There are a limited number of niches available for cremated remains at Brightwater Memorial Park. Upon providing a certificate of cremation we are able to offer a final resting place for the ashes of your loved ones and you will receive the same benefits of the appointment-only visiting arrangements offered at our facility.

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