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Funeral Directors

We value the relationships we are building with local funeral directors and appreciate the role they are playing in establishing Brightwater Memorial Park’s reputation.

At Brightwater Memorial Park our mission is to provide an elegant, modern facility, where the lives of departed loved ones can be honoured and celebrated as well as commemorated.

The facility provides for a dignified, above-ground burial option for both coffins and cremated remains and will be the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, supported by an elite level of service and the latest audiovisual technology.

The funeral service and

The Interment

After the funeral service has been held at a local church or other location, we will facilitate the transportation of the coffin to the deceased’s final resting place at Brightwater Memorial Park. Our staff will be in attendance at the funeral venue to collect the coffin in our own private vehicle.

Alternatively, funeral directors are welcome to assume responsibility for the transportation phase and include this as part of their complete service to the customer.

The interment ceremony will be held a later time, possibly on the same day if desired, attended only by the immediate next of kin. At this ceremony the coffin will be placed into the crypt, which will be sealed with a marble headstone (also called a fascia tablet).

Our customers may have their own specific requirements for this ceremony depending on their individual faith or beliefs. We will work with the customer and the funeral director to ensure the interment ceremony is carried out in full accordance with the customer’s wishes and expectations.




Our team will be on hand to assist the funeral directors and the next of kin at the interment ceremony.


Both food and drink are available to order prior to the interment ceremony. Please speak to our team for more information.


Floral arrangements in any style can be pre-booked with our team prior to the interment ceremony, with 48 hours’ notice.

The coffin and

The Headstone

Most coffin types are accepted at Brightwater Memorial Park, but all coffins must be hermetically sealed. Coffins made of a metal such as bronze, copper or stainless steel are acceptable, as well as the usual variety of wood materials, including solid or veneered walnut, cherry, maple, oak or poplar.

The dimensions of the coffin to be placed in the crypt must not exceed 2160 mm length, 745 mm width and 500 mm height or 250 kilos in laden weight.

We will arrange for a plaque to be designed and mounted onto the headstone which we will endeavour to ensure is ready for the day of interment. Please see our terms and conditions regarding the specifications and limitations for coffins and epitaphs.


Videos and Music

Brightwater Memorial Park will have video screens in the reception and crypt areas, together with multi-room audio in all areas.

During their lifetime, customers buying a crypt will be able to upload onto our database their photos, videos and music library. This material can be played at the interment ceremony if desired, as well as on later occasions when friends and family members visit to pay their respects.

The audiovisual library can also be posthumously augmented by the customer’s relatives and friends.

Forms and Information Sheets

Please follow the links below for information regarding our Crypt Launch Prices and the layout of our chambers

The first building at Brightwater Memorial Park is now open and available for viewing. For customers who wish to buy a crypt or niche for cremated remains as part of their end-of-life planning, the first phase has been released for sale.

Please see our page on purchasing a crypt.

Our Crypt lounge


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