Our Philosophy

‘A celebration of life’

At Brightwater Memorial Park we aspire to provide a modern, contemporary facility for the 21st century, where the lives of our departed loved ones can be honoured and celebrated as well as commemorated. We offer a dignified, above-ground burial option that is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, supported by the latest technology to further enhance the visitor’s experience.

Brightwater was conceived from the founder’s desire to revolutionise the way we remember our departed loved ones. He explains where he drew his inspiration from:

“Drawing on personal bereavement experiences in the United Kingdom and inspired by the European and American approaches to the commemoration of their departed, I created Brightwater Memorial Park to offer a modern, uplifting alternative to cemeteries and crematoria.”

With a passion for architecture and design, and inspired by centuries-old traditions, Bill Heasman has utilised his experience in the development of high-end residential properties to create a totally unique facility that offers a level of concierge service currently not offered at any other mausoleum or cemetery in the country.

Brightwater Memorial Park has not only created an entirely new service offering to the funeral industry, but is addressing the problem of lack of burial space across many cities in the UK.

Our Vision Statement

for Brightwater Memorial Park

“To provide comparable facilities offering exemplary levels of service in strategic areas across the country and introduce a ‘Celebration of life’ culture for the commemoration of our departed loved ones. We will create a more civilised and dignified option to existing burial methods and in so doing will continue to address the lack of viable burial space across the UK.”

The Burial Situation

in the UK


Mausoleum burial provides the only option that viably addresses all the above issues.

Several graves can be accommodated in a relatively confined area, mitigating the concerns of our communities that do not embrace cremation and negating the need to find suitable land for the construction of more cemeteries.

Our team at Brightwater are currently looking at other potential sites across the UK. They will introduce the Brightwater offering to a wider audience, allowing those in cities across the UK to remember their loved ones in a truly unique setting. Each facility will follow the same blueprint providing state of the art facilities, exemplary levels of service and serene natural surroundings that will become synonymous with all Brightwater Memorial Parks.

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