Terms and


These Regulations set out the general terms which have been established to regulate the manner in which Brightwater Memorial Park Ltd. (BMP) operates as a mausoleum and memorial gardens. They are designed to ensure the safe operation and peaceful enjoyment of the Memorial Park for all visitors and staff and should be read in conjunction with the Crypt License Agreement (CLA) issued to the Customer and/or Beneficiary of each crypt (see Crypt License Agreement for Interpretation and definitions).

A. Entombment Regulations

Entombment Documentation

The Registrar’s Certificate / Coroner’s Order, or other relevant legally required authorisation for the entombment, should normally be delivered in advance of the entombment to BMP at the Administration Office. If any of these documents are transmitted electronically, the originals and a cleared payment must be received by BMP at the Administration Office before the entombment may proceed.

Times of entombment

Entombment may take place on Mondays to Fridays and by arrangement on Saturdays and Sundays, inclusive every week of the year, excluding Bank Holidays.

Entombment may only take place during the opening hours of the Memorial Park, which are as stated below.

Types of Coffin and Headstone

Coffins and caskets must be approved by BMP to ensure size compatibility, weight and construction as detailed in the CLA.

All coffins are to be hermetically sealed.

A level of personalisation to a set number of characters is available for the Headstone and will be engraved in a style and colour as chosen by BMP.

Grounds maintenance

The maintenance of the Park is the responsibility of BMP and may only be undertaken by BMP or its nominated agent.

Any additional planting requested within the grounds of the Park must be agreed and supplied by BMP and meet with the approved landscaping design.



B. Prices and Payment

The prices charged for the grant of rights to crypts are set out in the BMP price list, which is available from the Administration Office.

Payments due in relation to the initial grant of rights are detailed in section 4 of the CLA.

Extended payment Terms and Conditions are available on request.



C. Visitor Regulations

Visitors are requested to contribute to the peaceful environment that BMP seeks to maintain by acting in a dignified and respectful manner at all times and to comply with the requirements of these Regulations and relevant Terms and Conditions.

No flowers to be left other than in the vases, receptacles or at dedicated areas provided by BMP.

No crypt furniture is allowed on the plaques or headstones.

No lighted candles or naked flames allowed in the mausoleum.

Opening and closing times

Brightwater Memorial Park grounds and mausoleum

Brightwater Memorial Park is open to visitors by appointment only on every day of the year, including Bank Holidays.

The times of opening and closing are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 10am to 4pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 3pm

Administration Office

The Administration Office is open:

Monday to Friday: 9am to 4.30pm

Saturday: 10.30am to 3pm

Sunday: Closed

Unless specifically authorised by BMP, no one may enter or remain within the Park when the grounds are closed.


Private motor vehicles may use the roads within BMP, but must not exceed 10 mph and must not be driven off the official roads at any time.

Parking is available in the car park and allocated parking for disabled people is available near the mausoleum.

Minibuses must be parked in the car park provided. Larger buses and coaches are not permitted.


Cycles are permitted in BMP, but may only be ridden on the official roads and must not exceed 5 mph. Dedicated parking areas for cycles are provided in the car park area.


Skateboards, hoverboards and similar devices are not permitted within BMP.


Children under the age of 14 years may only visit BMP if accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult.

Dogs and other domestic animals

Dogs and other domestic animals are permitted within the grounds of BMP but not the buildings, and must at all times be kept on a lead and under the direct control of a responsible adult. Assistance dogs are permitted within the grounds of BMP, including the Administration Office and Mausoleum.

Animals must not be allowed to disturb anyone or cause any damage. Any fouling must be cleared immediately and removed from BMP.


In the interests of all visitors and staff, the Manager will not permit anyone to:

  • create any disturbance
  • commit any nuisance
  • interfere with, or act in a disrespectful manner towards, any entombment taking place
  • interfere with any plants or trees
  • play any game or sport
  • misuse drugs
  • smoke, except in designated areas
  • use offensive or abusive language or assault any staff member or visitor
  • dress in a manner which may be deemed offensive or unsuitable.

Any person who fails to meet these reasonable standards of conduct will be asked to leave the Memorial Park immediately and also may be subject to civil or criminal action.

Responsibility for loss or damage

Neither BMP nor any of their staff will be in any way liable for any damage or loss of personal property within BMP howsoever caused.


The staff at BMP are available to assist you and will seek to ensure that the highest standards of service are achieved in the Park. If for any reason you consider that standards are not being met, please raise the matter in the first instance with the staff at the Administration Office.

BMP’s Complaints Procedure is available from the Administration Office.



Amendment of Regulations

The Management reserves the right to amend the Regulations from time to time in such manner as it may consider appropriate to comply with any changes to applicable statutory or other requirements or to ensure the safe appreciation and peaceful enjoyment of BMP for visitors and staff.