What is a Columbarium Niche?

A columbarium niche is a space in a columbarium that can contain the cremated remains of one person. The niche is usually made out of marble or another type of stone.


What Are Columbaria For?

Columbaria serve as ashes storage following a cremation. Those who choose columbaria often want a unique resting place that distances itself from the traditions of conventional burials.


What’s more, columbaria can be used by a family with multiple members who want their ashes to be stored together or by one person who wants to share their final resting place with others. As cremation becomes more popular, columbarium niches will become an important part of funeral architecture.


Columbaria Meaning

A columbarium niche is a cavity or compartment in which the urns of cremated remains are safely stored. The niche can vary from simple to ornate, but it is typically located within an above-ground or below-ground mausoleum or columbarium.


Many ancient columbaria were built along roadsides and outside city walls so that funeral processions could pass by them on the way to cemeteries.


Columbaria Niche Size

A columbarium niche is the small space within a columbarium that is set aside for storing cremated remains. Niches may be either open or closed—this is largely up to the family.


The columbarium itself is a building with multiple niches. These are traditionally built high on walls that face away from each other to provide a more comforting atmosphere when looking up to them. Columbaria are normally constructed of stone or brick and can contain numerous niches stacked one above another on both sidewalls.


Columbarium Vs Cinerarium

A cinerarium, on the other hand, is an area in which cremated remains are deposited. It’s often used as an alternative to burial since space is limited in some parts of the world, and cremation has become more popular than traditional burial methods.


The difference between these two structures comes down to what you want to do with your ashes after death. If you’d like for them to be buried after death, then you would choose a columbarium. If you’d like for them to be kept safe in an urn or scattered somewhere else after death, then you might select a cinerarium instead.


In Closing

Cremation is becoming more widely accepted in areas where it was once somewhat taboo. And in some parts of the world, it’s the norm. As such, the need for cremation burial options is on the rise. Columbaria allow for a respectful burial of cremated remains, ensuring that family and friends can visit as they would a conventional burial site.

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