Funerals for children

Brightwater Memorial Park

Not long after Brightwater opened, it became clear that we were able to offer comfort to families who had sadly suffered the loss of a child.

Bereaved parents have told us that the hardest part of the whole, terrible, journey, was the moment they actually had to leave their child in a traditional grave, and walk away. Most could not even contemplate cremating their child. In either case, the remembrance and visiting experience was a very lonely one.

All photos used with kind permission of Henry’s parents


Children’s Burial Chamber

At Brightwater we cannot change that a child has passed away, but we are able to care for the family in a different way, which starts with laying the child to rest in one of our chambers. The chamber can be decorated to resemble, for example, a bedroom, and can also contain messages and favourite possessions. This usually takes place with an intimate service for closest family members.


Appointment only service

Discreet and private

Families can leave the service knowing that their child is in a safe, caring environment, and will never be alone. From that moment on, any family member wishing to visit will also have the comfort of being welcomed and cared for. Privacy will always be available, but there will be a friendly, caring person around when visiting takes place. It’s been said, by senior bereavement professionals, that this experience very much helps people on a bereavement journey.

We cannot make promises, but families entrusting their children to us have also received financial support from a government initiative called the Childrens’ Funeral Fund. Every case requires an application to be made, but the fund has been very supportive to date, in line with our wish to be accessible to all families at such a difficult time.

With every visit

You are our priority

Brightwater is a very calm, welcoming, environment. We have found that surviving children are very comfortable here, so a family visit where Parents peacefully remember their child while brothers and sisters play, read or just enjoy the safe, secure and beautiful grounds become a very positive experience.

We invite any family with such difficult decisions to make, to come and spend a little time at Brightwater Memorial Park, and consider whether we might help you.



Samantha and Hua Luk – Henry’s parents

“We are so grateful to have found Brightwater as the most beautiful resting place for Henry.  A place where we can continue to spend time with him, together as a family.


We can sit in the lounge and play board games, read, talk about our days, all whilst having a cup of tea and listening to some of Henry’s favourite music and smiling at precious memories as we see his photos pass by on the screen nearby. Brightwater really has made a difference.


Thank you to everyone at Brightwater for all the care, kindness and compassion you have shown and continue to show towards us as a family.”